Police Officers Commended With N1m for Not Accepting Bribe – Kano

The Consumer Rights Commission (CPC) of Kano State in northern Nigeria has commended two police officers for refusing to accept a bribe of N1 million.

The police officers Garba Rabo and Jamilu Alkasim, who were sent to work with the agency, had refused to accept bribes after receiving a tipoff that expired goods worth billions of naira were kept in a warehouse in the Kano metropolis.

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The CPC learned of the goods and sent them to the warehouse, where they were offered a bribe of N1 million but they refused and recovered the goods and arrested the culprit.

The commission commended the officers and rewarded them with the same amount of money given to them as bribes which they refused.

According to a statement by the police spokesperson in Kano, Abdullahi Kiyawa, “The task force team stormed the warehouse, where one million naira was offered them as a bribe. They rejected the bribe, recovered the expired goods, the money as exhibit and arrested the suspect,”.

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